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Are you stuck? Time for change

Is it time for a change?

Do you want a life that is both successful and fulfilling?

Then it’s time to move forward.

Coaching works, it’s that simple.


  • Because it is a powerful collaboration between two people – the coach and the client.
  • A coach knows who you can be when you are at your best.
  • A coach inspires you to be more than who you think you can be and supports you to go further than you thought you could go, and often at a faster speed.
  • A coach listens, questions, reflects and keeps you accountable where that’s needed.
  • Most of all, a coach partners you in a way that other people rarely do. And this is what makes all the difference to your success.

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Gwyn Haywood-Ryan

I work with people who are STUCK and want to move forward.
Gwyn Hayward-Ryan
B.A., M.Phil., TTC,
Master Certified Coach (IAC)

“Gwyn’s coaching is totally special. I’ve heard her coach many people in different countries. Gwyn has a unique ability to gently and respectfully home in on the heart of your issue in a way that makes you comfortable about addressing your challenges with new insights and a brand new layer of confidence and joy. She makes no assumptions, is non-judgmental, and cares about YOU. I highly recommend Gwyn as a coach.”

Doris Helge, Ph.D.,
Washington, USA

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